Seven SEAS

Solutions for Enterprise Applications & Services

First of all, this book is not a tutorial for any frameworks, methodologies or technologies that are currently in use. But, I can guarantee you that this book will help you sharpen your Java skills and prepare you for future challenges with your career. You can use it as a personal guide to keep you on track. Enough said!

Let's just dive into Seven SEAS (Solutions for Enterprise Applications & Services)

1. One Platform-Independent Language Java

2. Two Unique Languages Unified Modeling Language and Structured Query Language

3. Three-Stick NIM (Network, Integration and Management) Computer Networking, Clustering & Continuous Integration Process [Hudson- Jenkins], Project Management [Maven, ANT/Ivy] & Unit Testing [JUnit, Easy Mock & Mockito]

4. Gang of Four Java Design Patterns and J2EE Design Patterns

5. Five Methodologies RUP, Six Sigma, SDLC, Waterfall Model, and Agile Software Development

6. Six Frameworks Struts, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, Apache Axis & Jersey

7. Seven useful Java EE APIs Messaging Service [JMS], Enterprise Bean [EJB], Persistence [JPA/JDBC], User Interface [JSF/JSP], Security [JAAS], SOAP and REST [JAXB/JAXP] and Web Service [JAX-RS/JAX-WS/JAX-RPC]

Bonus Features JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, JSON, DOJO & UNIX Shell Scripting

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